Friday, 21 June 2013

Pedi-Sox Giveaway Winner!

Hey everyone!

Thanks to everyone who entered our first giveaway to win two pairs of Pedi-Sox! We are very sorry that it was only available to those who live in England, but hopefully next time we can hold one internationally!

Anyway the winner was...


Congratulations! Please email us as soon as possible with your details of where we can send you the two pair of Sox's!

So that's it for today! We do apologise for not posting as regularly as we usually do but we are in the process of thinking of new and fun nail are designs for you all, along with swatches!

Bye for now!

Andie & Lisa x

Purple Water-Spotted Nail Art!

Hi guys! 

Today I have the waterspotted technique to show you. It's a technique that I've really wanted to try for a while and I used this tutorial for it. I didn't have any spray hand sanitizer so I used body spray instead, which I think worked well enough.  

The base colour is three coats of Barry M Jelly - Prickly Pear and I used Barry M - Vivid Purple to finish the design.

It took little getting used to and I feel that some of my nails didn't turn out as well as the others but it's quite good for a first try right? :) I will definatly be trying this technique again and I'm looking forward to trying out different colour combinations!

What do you think of this design? Have you tried it before?

Lisa x

Monday, 10 June 2013

All In One Mani!

Hey everyone? Have you entered our giveaway yet?! It ends in 10 days, so click here to enter!

Now, I was in Primark the other week and they were selling packs of their nail varnishes, and included were a minty green, dark blue, bluey purple and a blue glitter! I obviously brought it, because it was an offer I couldn't refuse and I have yet to try their polishes!

As soon as I got in, I wanted to do some kind of design with one of the varnishes, but then I thought why couldn't these be combined together?! So I did exactly that! Check out what it looks like, after the jump!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dot Limited Edition Polishes!

To start off with, sorry for not posting for over a week now! I've being getting loads of posts ready for you guys!

So I recently went into Superdrug, while shopping last week, just to see if anything new had come out, as you do, and I stumbled across these amazing Gelly Glitter polishes from the Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot range! I had to instantly buy one because they were LIMITED EDITION and they were just gorgeous! I also think that these are the only Gelly/Glitter polishes that Maybelline have done, so I wasn't sure what they would be like!

This is the one I chose., which is appropriately named "Rain Forest Canopy" which as you can see, is a green Gelly, with large, medium and small white and black, hexagonal pieces suspended in it! The other three polishes that are in this range are a blue, pink and black Gelly, with the same glitter pieces that this green one.

Check out what this looks like on my nails, after the jump!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pedi-Sox: Review & Giveaway!

Hi guys!

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by Pedi-Sox, an American company who make toe-less pedicure socks that are one-of-a-kind, asking if we would be interested in reviewing their product and holding a giveaway for you!

We received four pairs from Pedi-Sox, two pairs of the original Pedi-Sox, one pair California Summer Weight and one pair of The New Mary Jane's!

Click the jump for the review and details to enter our first giveaway!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Spots & Stripes

Hiya guys how are you all?

Did the first part of the title remind you of the Cadbury's bars when the did the Spots vs. Strips chocolate?! I've only just realised that!

Anyway, this post might seem a little strange but it's inspired by the fact that I LOVE duvet covers. I love all the different pattern that you can get along with colours that are on them too and I must have over 10 sets for my one double bed! So I thought that what a good way to get inspiration, when I was sleeping under such a pretty pattern!

Here is what it looks like and this is what fuelled this post!

I love the colours that this duvet has on it as they go really well, and the design is so simple but lovely at the same time!

Click below to see my final design!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

First Experiment with Striping Tape!

I ordered my first packs of striping tape last month from here, and they finally arrived last week! Yay for me! So straightaway I couldn't wait to experiment different designs and colours because, let's be honest, they're endless!

Here is what I came up with this week!

(with a clear top coat)

Find out how I did this after the jump!